About Us

Hungry Productions LLC  is a production company specializing in creative ways to present both comedic and culinary content.


Anything from reel services to full length one woman shows,  we aim to collaborate with client projects both big and small.  With our “think outside of the box” methods, we aim to give our clients imaginative and compelling content with big laughs.  From conceptualizing to post production, we can take your seedling of an idea and cultivate it into a full-blown finish product with pizzaz.


Our Services Include:
(but not limited to)

-Concept Development
-Brand Conceptualizing
-Creative Writing
-Video Production
-Graphic and Logo Design
-Food Styling
-Creative Editing
-Reel Services
Check Us Out:

Vimeo- vimeo.com/HungryProductions
Twitter- www.twitter.com/HungryProd